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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to handle online dating

Before you go on your first cyber date, you must learn how to handle online dating because you may become a victim of several falsehoods. You may be under the impression that you know everything about the other person. This may not be true because the other person may not have told you the truth.

Your online friend may be using someone else's photograph, an old photograph or one that has been altered to make him look better than he is. He may have lied about his age, income or physical condition. The male online friend with whom you have been chatting may not even be male. In fact, everyone lies a little about themselves.

On the Internet a person's looks don't matter and his personality shows through. This can also be dangerous, because you don't get a chance to see, or hear the other person, to try and make out if he or she is telling the truth.

It is not wise to give out your full name, address, telephone number, where you work etc. Use an online dating service that keeps your e-mail address confidential by using an anonymizer or re-mailer. You can also use a free e-mail account for online dating. An online romance can turn into cyber-stalking.

Let the online relationship develop slowly. If the other person is lying about something, it will be difficult for him or her to be consistent. Keep copies of his or her e-mails and compare details revealed at different times. Contradictory information will reveal that the person is lying. Consult your close friends to help you to keep things in perspective.

It is better to be honest about yourself, right from the beginning. If you tell lies that become known to your friend at a later stage, it may break up the relationship.

Use a public phone, when you want to move from chatting to your first conversation. You can reveal your number later, if you find that you are comfortable with the other person. Even then, caller ID can help you to be sure of the other person's number. If things don't work out, you have the option of blocking the other person's calls. Don't accept their calls if they block your caller ID.

Always arrange the first meeting in a public place and go with a friend. Remember that you don't know this person and keep the first meeting short. See if the person has told you the truth about himself or herself and if not, stop the relationship right there. Never leave the place and go to the other person's home or a secluded place, for the first few meetings. Don't be afraid to report any threats or attacks to the police.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to find the right online date

If you are single and are looking for a companion, meeting people on the Internet can be very rewarding. Whether you are looking for a casual association or a long-term relationship, it helps if you learn how to find the right online date. Online dating websites offer you a stimulating, enjoyable and safe environment, where you can mingle with like-minded people.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right date:

  • Include your photograph in your profile. This will help you get a much better response than a plain text-based profile.

  • Write a profile that brings out your personality, background, interests and hobbies. Try to go beyond the commonplace details and write about things that inspire and excite you. This will help people to discover what is unique about you and will help you find the right dates.

  • When you are communicating with someone online, be positive and try to be honest about yourself. This does not mean giving the other person too many details about your life, too soon. It is better to let the relationship develop slowly.

  • Don't feel under pressure to meet the person personally too soon.   It is better to let the woman decide when the first meeting should take place. The man can tell her that he is interested in meeting her and then wait for her to decide when they will meet.

  • Always ensure your safety and privacy by using a member ID or user name, so that you remain anonymous. You should also use that online dating service that offers you anonymous e-mail services. This will protect your e-mail ID.

  • Once you have met someone you like, tell him/her you enjoyed yourself and arrange a second meeting.

When you are meeting someone for the first time, always arrange the meeting in a public place. Drive to the chosen place, instead of letting your date pick you up from your home. Before you go for the meeting, tell at least two people where you are going, whom you are meeting and when you will be back. It is safer to take a friend along, when you go for the first meeting.

Give the person an e-mail address or mobile phone number initially. Don't reveal your home phone number or address. Be careful about what personal information you reveal on your first date. Always rely on your common sense and leave at once if you get a bad feeling about the other person.

Online Dating Relationship

We don’t need the services of a psychologist to tell us that the best relationships are those that are based on good communication. Yet, we rarely try to mend our ways. We carry on along our paths, hoping that somehow everything will fall into place. At times, it does – thanks to the efforts of our partners. But mostly it does not. We allow the fault lines to deepen and reach a stage where they can no longer be bridged.

The first requirement to have good communication within a relationship is to respect each other. Men who consider their wives inferior can rarely, if ever, strike good relationships. The same is true of women. If they look down upon their husbands then they can never hope to gain their confidence and affection.

Good communication also requires good listening skills. A husband and a wife must learn to listen to each other. They must pay attention to what their spouse is saying, and respond. Very often, fault lines develop because the husband and wife don’t pay attention to what each other is saying. This can be very frustrating – for one or for both.

There should also be empathy. A spouse must show concern when things go wrong. This is the unspoken communication. One does not have to express it. Mere body language becomes a source of comfort. You feel stronger if your spouse holds your hand and says that you can overcome your misfortunes. Suddenly, you don’t feel alone.  The relationship deepens.

Another way to build a relationship is to discuss uncomfortable issues. It is very hard to tell your spouse as to how your boss has mistreated you or how you have made a fool of yourself before your colleagues. It requires great courage to own up your faults. But if you have a caring spouse, and if you believe that she will stand by you, then you must discuss subjects that hurt male egos or female vanities. You will find that you have shed a big psychological burden. More than that, the emotional bonds between you and your spouse will become stronger.

The same applies to sexual relationship. Couples perform better when they respect each other, and communicate better with each other. The communication need not be through words alone. Simple acts of patting, caressing or holding hands are a great form of communication. They dissolve resentments over perceived or actual slights, bridge distances and generate positive energy.

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