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Sunday, November 15, 2009

When you meet your online date for the first time You may have been chatting online with someone for a long time and you may feel that you know him or her well. This may not be true, because your online friend may have been lying to you. Be careful about meeting him or her, or about revealing personal information about yourself, just as you would when you meet a stranger for the first time. There will be excitement coupled with anxiety when you meet your online date for the first time, but you need to think about protecting yourself first.
Keep the following tips in mind when you meet your online date for the first time:
  1. Meet your online date in a public place and take a friend along. You can try to make it a double date or meet with a group of friends.

  2. Tell your date that you will meet him or her. Don't agree to be picked up from your home

  3. To avoid feeling like you are under an obligation, insist on splitting the bill with your date.

  4. Use your own car to go for the date and make sure that you have sufficient fuel.

  5. If you choose to drink, always remember that alcohol will reduce your inhibitions and impair your judgment. Always keep your glass in sight, so that you are aware of what you are drinking.

  6. Avoid telling your date your address on your first date. Make plans to meet a second time and then decide if you want to tell him or her where you live.

  7. If you have an intuition about the type of person your date is, don't ignore it. If a sixth sense warns you that something is not right, leave right then.

  8. If your date tells you that he or she is very religious, don't take it for granted that you will be safe with him or her.

  9. Never agree to meet your date in a lonely place.

  10. Even if there is a lot of attraction and you are having a great time, remain vigilant. Keeping a cell phone handy can help.

  11. It is better to give your date your cell phone number, rather than your home phone number.

  12. Tell someone where you are going and whom you will be meeting. Fix a time when you will be calling them to confirm that you are back and safe.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to handle online dating

Before you go on your first cyber date, you must learn how to handle online dating because you may become a victim of several falsehoods. You may be under the impression that you know everything about the other person. This may not be true because the other person may not have told you the truth.

Your online friend may be using someone else's photograph, an old photograph or one that has been altered to make him look better than he is. He may have lied about his age, income or physical condition. The male online friend with whom you have been chatting may not even be male. In fact, everyone lies a little about themselves.

On the Internet a person's looks don't matter and his personality shows through. This can also be dangerous, because you don't get a chance to see, or hear the other person, to try and make out if he or she is telling the truth.

It is not wise to give out your full name, address, telephone number, where you work etc. Use an online dating service that keeps your e-mail address confidential by using an anonymizer or re-mailer. You can also use a free e-mail account for online dating. An online romance can turn into cyber-stalking.

Let the online relationship develop slowly. If the other person is lying about something, it will be difficult for him or her to be consistent. Keep copies of his or her e-mails and compare details revealed at different times. Contradictory information will reveal that the person is lying. Consult your close friends to help you to keep things in perspective.

It is better to be honest about yourself, right from the beginning. If you tell lies that become known to your friend at a later stage, it may break up the relationship.

Use a public phone, when you want to move from chatting to your first conversation. You can reveal your number later, if you find that you are comfortable with the other person. Even then, caller ID can help you to be sure of the other person's number. If things don't work out, you have the option of blocking the other person's calls. Don't accept their calls if they block your caller ID.

Always arrange the first meeting in a public place and go with a friend. Remember that you don't know this person and keep the first meeting short. See if the person has told you the truth about himself or herself and if not, stop the relationship right there. Never leave the place and go to the other person's home or a secluded place, for the first few meetings. Don't be afraid to report any threats or attacks to the police.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

 How to write an online dating profile

The number and quality of responses you get from an online dating website depends largely on your profile. A good profile may help you find the romance you've been searching for, all your life; an average one may make most users move on.

The most effective way to be noticed is through the good, old photograph. A good, sharp photograph, which shows you doing something different, will make you stand out. You don't have to use glamour shots or your old high school photographs. Instead, use pictures that show you as you look.

You are also likely to be noticed if you have a good opening line. The best way to decide your opening line is to scan the profiles of others. See what attracts you most, and then build an opening line. While going through the profiles see what points interest you. Include them in your profile.

Be careful about your language, spellings and punctuation. There's nothing more irritating than to skim through a profile where every second word is spelt wrongly. Who would want to date a person who can't even spell his name correctly?

It pays to take some time to enter your profile. A good idea is to write your profile on a sheet of paper, and sleep over it for a week. You would want to write it again when you read it after a week. This is not surprising. The best profiles are those where the user has applied his or her mind. Do the revisions, and then host the profile.

Also, make sure that you answer all the queries. Don't answer in monosyllables. Spend some time to answer each question. Think of your strong points. Lace them with humor, and host them. Don't try to run your self down. Just be normal.

Remember, you have very little words to catch the attention of your online mate. Make each one count.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

How online dating works
Online dating is nothing but finding a date using a website. It can be used by both men and women to find a date. They can do so by browsing a site, and finding profiles that interest them. Some websites allow free browsing while others charge a small fee to allow users to access their databanks.

However, the basic model of an online dating site is the same. A user is required to enter his/her profile. This is then stored in the site’s server, and can be accessed by any authorized site user. All dating sites run a powerful search program that can match profiles on the basis of age, gender, community, interests etc.

The pricing strategy varies from site to site. Some sites provide unpaid users access to a few profiles; others insist on payment. The payment also has several layers. The maximum access is provided to those users who pay the highest rates.

Most paid sites are very particular about privacy. They route the contact mails through their mail server so that neither party will ever see the actual mail address of the other. Some advise opening a free e-mail account for online dating. This does not happen in the case of free websites. Your personal information is visible to everyone.

Another important thing about paid sites is that they allow people to post or browse profiles only after paying the subscription fee. Also, only members can contact the site users. Besides this, a paid membership also entitles members to a higher ranking in search results.

All sites advise you to avoid mentioning personal information like your full name, address, phone number, place of employment, social security number etc. This is sound advice, and must be followed in full. There is no point in exposing yourself to cyber stalkers.

However, there is no harm in entering your interests in full. It also makes sense to post a good photograph on the site. Profiles with photographs get better responses than profiles without photographs.

Your first communication should be through mail. The second step should be to establish voice communication. This should be done once you develop a liking for your online friend. Here too you should not give your landline number. The best is to use your mobile, which does not reveal your home address. The final step should be to invite your online friend to a date.

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